Using the cloud on your mobile improves your security.

Protect your mobile thanks to the cloud

We can name some cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. There are many options, both free and paid. In general, all of them provide something similar: they allow you to host files and documents that you will always be able to have available thanks to the Internet.


The first thing you can do thanks to having the cloud on your mobile is to be able to create backup copies. You will be able to upload files, such as photos or videos. In this way, all that content will be safe. In case you suffer a computer attack, such as a ransomware attack, a malware that deletes all your files or any virus, you will always have those documents protected. You can do this at any time, since you can even schedule the copies automatically. If something goes wrong, you can always reset everything and you won’t lose anything.

You avoid using e-mail in insecure sites

This use is very interesting, since the idea is not to have to use email on compromised sites. For example, if you need to transfer a text document that you have on your mobile to print in a store, you will not have to put your email on a public PC, something that can be a risk.

What you do in this case is share that document in the cloud, from the mobile, and open the cloud on the computer. For this, the ideal is to use a cloud service that you only use for those cases and thus limit the risk in case your password is stolen.

Extra filter when sharing files

You can also use the cloud on mobile as an extra filter to share files securely. Some platforms, such as Google Drive, will have an integrated antivirus. What it does is analyze any document you upload. You will be able to analyze that file before sharing it with a third person.

You can also use this in the opposite case, if they are going to share a file with you. If they do it through the cloud, you will be able to download that document to the mobile with greater security. At least it will have passed a filter.

You do not use physical devices that you can lose

Another advantage of using the cloud on mobile is that you will not have to use physical devices. For example, you will not always have to carry a flash drive with files that you may need at any given time. That physical device could be lost, stolen or stop working for some reason.

By having a mobile cloud service, you will not have this problem. You can always have the documents and files you need there, without depending on an additional physical device that you have to carry with you.

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