The new IT imperative.

Many of the cross-functional teams that combine IT and business professionals are nothing new, but have now become almost a mandate.

These teams are known as “agile teams.” Because these teams include consumers of the service being developed, it is very noticeable that there is much more impact and more value for the client when the teams work in this way.

The pandemic was able to provide us with more real verification that the world needed to become more digital and that meant that technology and business strategies had to be merged, leading to a greater reliance on cross-functional teams. It was no longer feasible for IT to build something and throw the technology over the fence and then have the business say that’s not what’s needed. It doesn’t make sense given the close linkage of technology to the business that advances its strategic agenda.

Going cross-functional also gives organizations an advantage in recruiting and retention. If you want the talent, you have to work this way. Everything has changed in such a way that today People feel they are more productive and at the same time part of of something important when working in small teams, especially young people no longer want to work in cascade.

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