IoT and 5G combined create many opportunities for businesses.

Today in the world there are approximately 14.4 billion devices, there are almost two IoT devices for every person on Earth. The growth has been incredible, from less than a billion in 2010 to projections of 24 billion IoT devices, all intertwined in this new era of our civilization by 2050. These little machines that silently collect, monitor and process data will soon outstrip number people by a couple higher degree than it already does.

We are all aware of the many possibilities already found in these networks of IoT devices, where objects many of us take for granted on a daily basis are transformed into data points. Smart cities make citizens’ lives safer and more comfortable, improving areas such as infrastructure management, from traffic to flooding and weather early warning systems. Smart grids have potential across industries, with use cases in mining and metals, aviation, healthcare, agriculture, and logistics.

Global 5G connectivity is critical, as it can provide the high-power bandwidth to make these vast networks of devices even more capable. With faster and more comprehensive connectivity, IoT technologies will experience increased reliability and security, at the same time it is of utmost importance that device onboarding and integration should become simpler and faster.

The engineering, corporations, and engineering sectors must be at the forefront and not out of tune with this technology, and comply with the connectivity power of 5G, because that will help them improve the quality of their services, processes, and etc. in a super strategic way to maximize its value and safety.

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